Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

Have you ever moved a mattress? You must be aware of the difference from a mattress inside a box and a traditional bed. The extra weight makes people wish to forego the heavy beds and search for something lightweight that could be compressed in to a single box effortlessly. Well, you need to know that such compression are only able to be performed with the factory. Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress


If you are planning to move, you can’t fold your mattress in to a compact box. However, depending on the kind of mattress it will likely be lightweight and easy to maneuver from a single point out the other. Remember, not all beds you purchase online will be compressed. Some are full-sized packages however they are less cumbersome in comparison to a traditional bed. Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

Weight isn’t the only impact on consider. Needless to say, boxed mattresses also provide their very own disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of getting a bed in a box in comparison with using a traditional mattress.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

The Advantages Of A Bed Within A Box Mattress Online

Here are among the known pros of getting a bed inside a box mattress online Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress


These products are less expensive than what you can see in a normal mattress store. Because they are selling straight to the individual, they may cut out the middlemen (retailers). As such, they don’t should take into account the profit margin to the retailer, staff or showrooms.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

For example, if your medium quality mattress costs about $400 to manufacture. The mail-order mattress company can sell exactly the same mattress at $1000 and still come up with a huge profit. Of course, including shipping and return policies. However, when the mattress is sold into a retailer before you buy it, chances are they can sell it off at $700 or $800. That’s because they are selling it in big amounts for them to give a lesser price.

Remember, the retailer has to generate a make money from the sale in the mattress. Consequently, they may be likely going to double or triple the purchase price. When you enter a store, you could buy the same product for $1400 or $3200 around the high-end. Generally, buying in the manufacturer directly will likely be cheaper and a lot more affordable. Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

2.Easy Delivery

Investing in a bed online makes it easier to provide to your property because the seller handles the delivery fee as part of the cost. Remember, if you pick from your retailer, you will end up charged exorbitantly to obtain the mattress to your property. If you don’t want to pay for that, you will have to undergo a lot of hassles to obtain it to your residence.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress 

3.Convenience And Cost Comparisons

Getting a bed online offers you the chance to do a price comparison and provides an excessive amount of convenience. You don’t should drive around with an annoying salesperson looking to get anyone to purchase something you don’t want to allow them to create a huge commission out of your purchase. Much better, you don’t ought to lay down in every single mattress in the store to obtain the one you desire.

It’s easy to read reviews online, compare costs, examine the materials and construction of various brands. Better yet, you can accomplish it from your comfort of your home or going on your daily activities without having disruptions. Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

Are There Cons To Buying A Mattress Online?


1.No Trial Before Purchase

A lot of people avoid buying mattresses online simply because they can’t try them out before choosing anything. Remember, you spent at the very least one third in your life sleeping so you need to select the best mattress to your sleeping needs. It’s daunting resting on a bed which has cost a ton of money yet it’s uncomfortable. You will toss and turn through the night feeling the financial loss.

Some brands have partnered with Airbnbs to test out their mattresses while some have showrooms. However, for most brands that you decide to purchase online, you are going to be unable to test the mattress before ordering. Luckily, many of these mattress companies have generous trial periods. According to the brand you are able to choose to try the mattress for any predetermined period for example 90 days or even a year. In the event you don’t such as the mattress, you are able to request a refund.

Most of these mattresses are meant to last between 7 to a decade. However, many brands have extended warranty periods with many offering lifetime warranties.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

Buyer’s Guide – Bed In The BoxCan You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

1.Memory Foam

The most common and affordable choices memory foam mattresses. It signifies the cushiony material inside of the mattress made to comply with the body irrespective of the shape. When you sleep on the memory foam mattress, you are going to think that you are receiving a soft and gentle hug each time.

Memory foam mattresses would be the most comfortable for different types of sleepers. That’s because they are very comfortable and conform to your system so they are far better than the traditional innerspring mattresses. With regards to memory foam mattresses, there is certainly a variety of quality and value in the market.

The least expensive and the majority of expensive mattresses in the market are made out of memory foam. Naturally, the differences may be found in when you check the sort of foam used, the density, country of manufacture, non-toxic certifications or if there are actually any additives like copper or gel.

2.Polyurethane Foam

It is considerably different from memory foam, latex and spring mattresses. Polyurethane foam has a fast response time along with plenty of support for you while you sleep however these features vary with the density. Various bed-in-a-box brands count on varying densities from the foam to guarantee support for your layers.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

In some instances, the fabric is infused with gel allowing your bed to remain cool. Polyurethane foam comes in different types of firmness but different brands combine it with many other materials such as memory foam or latex to improve the amount of comfort.


Much like memory foam, latex is actually a contouring material. However, you don’t sink in it slowly when compared with memory foam. It also incorporates some bounce so it’s great for sexually active couples. There are 2 varieties of latex for mattresses.

•Natural – It really is removed from the sap of any rubber tree. It can be expensive but durable.

•Synthetic – It is usually petroleum-based.

If you are on a budget and thinking about buying a latex mattress, you must seek out one with a mix of both natural and synthetic latex.


Hybrid mattresses are a combination of latex or foam plus innerspring coils. The base of the bed consists of coils and the top layers are made out of different types of foam to make certain support and proper cushioning.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are considered just a little expensive. However, they are a fantastic choice for folks who still adore innerspring mattresses.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

5.Cooling And AirflowCan You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

You will need a bed that keeps you cool as you may sleep throughout every season. When you fall asleep the body temperature reduces as you get rid of heat. Should you be resting on a mattress that is a heat trap you will be likely planning to become hot and uncomfortable.

Traditional memory foam is renowned for being a heat trap. Should you be thinking of buying a memory foam mattress and you will have problems with overheating, you must choose one with cooling properties. You must try to find something with infusions of copper or gel to conduct heat and remove it from your system. You might buy something that has a wide open cell construction to enhance breathability and proper airflow.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

Also you can pick a different sort of material such as the ones stated previously. As an example, latex and hybrid mattresses let you sleep cooler. However, if you sleep hot, you need to concentrate on the most notable layer from the bed and what it’s crafted from so you can choose a thing that is able to keep you cool at nighttime.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

6.Price And Value

While you shop with a physical store, you can’t make a decision on the price and quality of your mattress. Their prices mostly be determined by deals between the manufacturer and retailer. It may be what they desire to advance fast or what they really want to keep around for extended. Basically, there is absolutely no transparency if you are purchasing a mattress with a physical store.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

However, when buying one online, you may judge what you will be buying according to the price. The most costly brands rely on the very best materials and employ probably the most natural substances instead of synthetic ones. They also have higher density ratings. Mattresses being offered for $600 usually perform well compared to individuals in physical stores.

If you locate a queen bed going for $500 and fewer, you must do your homework so you can avoid sagging after a year. Should you be looking to acquire hybrid mattresses, you ought to anticipate paying more since they have a sophisticated construction and a blend of premium materials.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

7.Company Reputation And Support

When selecting a mattress online you are going to struggle to check out a showroom or meet with a representative. When the company includes a showroom so you live near it, you should check it all out. However, typically, you have to think about the company’s online reputation by checking their website and social media marketing. You should be able to discern whether they are reputable and produce quality mattresses.

Luckily, you can read online reviews from verified purchasers before buying a mattress online. Look over the FAQ page about the company’s web site to identify the return policies if you pick something you don’t like. Companies with lengthy and versatile warranties are a sign of premium products.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

A firm that backs their product for a lifetime warranty is far more credible than a single that only backs their items for the year. Always see the fine print to discover what the policy says in order to meet the marketplace standards.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing

1.The Truth Against Investing In A Cheap Model

When you are getting a mattress along with the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You might find something choosing a few hundred bucks and become influenced to buy. When searching for a mattress online, many of the products look quite similar. You will come across different buzzwords repeatedly.

However, there are actually what exactly you need to be aware of. A mattress being sold for $200 has cheaper materials in comparison to one opting for $600, $1000 or higher. Understand that a cheaply constructed mattress will begin sagging with time. Also, these cheap materials are usually toxic, especially foam materials.

If you find a mattress that is comparable to another high-priced brand, you must look closer. As an illustration, examine the safety certifications about the materials, the warranty policy and check the shipping charges. You could be lured on the site because of the cheap prices although the delivery charges will be astronomical. Sometimes, getting a cheaper mattress is good, especially for a guest room.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

2.Avoid Memory Foam When You Sleep Hot

As outlined above, some materials help make your body warm up when sleeping at night. If you achieve too hot through the night, you ought to be careful when selecting memory foam mattresses. The cheaper materials depend on pure memory foam that traps your whole body heat. As a result, lying on these mattresses can be quite uncomfortable.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

Rather, you must choose a latex or possibly a hybrid mattress. However, innerspring allows proper air circulation thereby so that it is cool to fall asleep on during the entire night comfortably. Of course, you can’t memory foam mattresses completely because of the deficiency of temperature control. If you need to have a memory foam mattress, you should choose something that accompanies a breathable design, copper or gel infusions that eliminate the heat away from your body.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

3.Check The Warranty Policies Carefully

When buying a whole new mattress, you need to look into the warranty policies carefully. Brands with the best products have long warranty periods. You will come across warranties going for as long as ten years or possibly a lifetime according to the brand. Obviously, there are more aspects to consider besides the size of the warranty.

You need to check what could be contained in the warranty claim. As an example, the small print should dictate exactly how much sag your mattress ought to have in order to create a warranty claim. The claim should mention something like an indentation that may be about .75 to 1.5 inches.

In the event the number is less, the plan is fantastic for you. That’s because once your bed sags by an inch and a half, you could be too miserable. Understand that a 1.5-inch sag could imply that the middle part of the body is sinking into a pit. It indicates that the body’s alignment is totally thrown off.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

Conclusion Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

It may possibly seem just a little odd to buy something online without trying it. However, additionally, it feels weird walking in a showroom and lying on the bed while fully clothed. Far worse, the fluorescent lights are bearing upon you because the annoying salesman keeps asking irritating questions in order to buy their mattress associated with preference and obtain a commission.Can You Use An Adjustable Base With A Saatva Mattress

With there being a lot of mattress companies in the marketplace, you can get the best quality, prices and many others features of the greatest mattress for the sleeping needs. Utilize this convenient shopping to obtain the mattress of your respective dreams!